Who We Are

Student Administrative Council has been incorporated since April 16, 1975.    Student Administrative Council is 4 full-time students elected by the full-time students to represent the entire student body at St Lawrence College.  SAC strives to make each student’s experience the best it can possibly be through the services and programming SLC provides.  SAC’s objectives are:

1.  to help ensure the students’ rights;

2.  to promote extra-curricular activities that our students will enjoy;

3.  to promote student involvement in the community ;

4.  to provide communications between the student body, administration, staff, and faculty;

5.  to serve as a bond between the student body and alumni

SAC’s role as your student government representatives is to ensure you get the quality of education you deserve.  SAC advocates for the students not only in the college but also at the local, provincial and national levels of government. SAC is partnered with College Student Alliance (CSA) organization who advocates for students within different levels of government and provides SAC with resources to help serve you better.

Constitution Manual

2021 Constitution

Election Manual

2022-2023 handbook

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