SLC Athletics

November 16th Brockville staff and students faced off in what was snowy Annual Doug Hone Mini-Grey Cup matchup.  Staff came out victorious, increasing their undefeated streak to 14 years to give them an overall record of 27-17-2.

Intramural Sports

“All Sorts of Sports” format:  Games are every Wednesday at 12pm, 4pm & 5pm with a new sport each week

  • Two 5-week “mini-rounds” + one 5-week “Playoff Round”                                                              *Round 1:  November 7 – December 5th                                                                                        * 6 teams Participating                                                                                           *Round 2:  January 9 – February 13th                                                                                             * Accepting new teams now                                                                                                            * $10/player – schedule created based on                                                                                    individual student timetables                                                       * Playoff Round:  March 6 – April 3rd
  • New teams will be able to join at the start of each round.  Teams who do not wish to continue into the new season can do so as well.