VP of Finance


Madumathi Rameshan 


Madu pic
sgvpfinb@sl.on.ca 613-345-0660 x 3243

My name is Madu Rameshan and I am a second year Business student at SLC Brockville. I am thrilled to be representing the SLC Brockville student body. I have worked in the medical field for ten years. Even though I had a successful career, with time I realized I needed a fresh start. So, I decided to choose a different career path and have not looked back ever since. SLC has changed my life for the better. All my teachers and friends have been nothing but supportive throughout the first year of college. As Vice President of Finance of SAC, my motto is to add value to every students’ campus life and provide them with support that they might need. I am truly grateful to those who took the time to vote this year and I look forward to being a strong voice for students in the 2020/2021 term on SAC.