SAC Services

 If you have any questions or a need PLEASE email one of the executives or stop in the SAC office.   We are open Monday to Friday from 9:30 am – 4:00 pm.  SAC door is ALWAYS OPEN 

Some Items we provide:

Locker Rentals:
– Rent a locker for $30 for the entire school year. Refund of $5 for returned locks by May 6, 2022. 

Lockers are available to rent starting August 16, 2021.  SAC is recommending that students consider the possibility of a 4th lockdown due to Covid-19 and to remember to take their belongings with them if they cannot access the campus. 

Lounge Space Rentals:
– The Pub and Lounge are available for rental for Social Events, Class Parties, and Fundraisers

If you are interested, Please Contact:
SAC General Manager at ext. 3217.

City of Brockville Bus Passes:                                                              

– Semester Bus Pass – $150.00

– 40 Ride Bus Pass – $65.00                                                 

– 10 Ride Bus Booklet – $18.50

SAC office has bus passes available for students to purchase so you do not need to go downtown.  

Food Bank:
– Prepped Meal Bags
– Recipes

* Due to our storage restrictions we are unable to store perishable goods (dairy, produce, etc.), please visit the Brockville Food Bank and let them know you are an SLC Student and they will help you out.

Email or if you are in need of grociers.

Food Booth Application Form.docx

Electronic Entertainment Systems:
– Xbox
– Retro Gaming System
– Gamecube

Life Needs:
– Tampons
– Deodorant
– Condoms
– Shampoo
– Laundry Detergent
And More…..  

If you require Life Need products email or

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