Homemaker Job Opportunity


Second Family Care is looking to expand our growing team to support hundreds of homes right in your community. We are experiencing transformational change to best address the needs of our community, with opportunities for progression and promotion closer than ever for the right candidate. We are currently looking for homemakers to help members of the vulnerable sector in our community. Our services create a fulfilling opportunity for vulnerable populations to remain independent in their homes longer.

Why Work with Second Family Care?

-Higher than industry average wages — rates up to $22 per hour.

-Paid training, support and mentorship are provided for those looking to enter the home care industry.

-Health Benefits – We ask you to take care of others; we want to help take care of you! Minimal eligibility requirements.

-Get Started Fast – you could be working in two days from now!

-Stress-free scheduling – Set your hours, set your days. NO WEEKENDS REQUIRED

Start and stop when you need. It makes it easy to schedule around; kids, education, vacations and other commitments. Things change; we get it! You set your own part-time or full-time schedule. Commit only to what’s right for you!

-Client/assignment matching- We don’t try to fit a square peg in a round hole! Our assignments need to be the right fit for everyone involved.

-Pick your travel – you set the areas you want to travel to

-Great support -Work that works for you!

-Non-exclusive — use SFC to fill in the gaps in your schedule. If you love working with us, fill in your whole schedule

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