Looking for an Executive VP

Hello Brockville Students!
As some of you may already be aware the position of Executive Vice President for the Student Administrative Council for the upcoming academic year is currently vacant.  In agreement with our board we have decided to post the position and conduct interviews to find the right candidate to join our team.
The duties of this position include, but are not limited to the following;

  • attend and actively participate in all meetings
  • vote on each motion presented (with the exception of motions in which there is a conflict of interest)
  • being available to the students at least 5 hours per week (currently we will not be in our offices but will still maintain online availability)
  • represent student issues and concerns to SLC administration
  • help maintain and produce content for our social media accounts
  • produce “The Navigator” our monthly newsletter, including an overview of all activities undertaken and/or overseen by the Executive
  • submit a police record check

This is an amazing opportunity to contribute to student life and make a positive impact on our campus and throughout the college community.
Those interested should forward their resume and cover letter to sgpresb@sl.on.ca , interviews will be conducted virtually.

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